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Zhongze Tang is a Ph.D. student who is doing researches on multimedia in ECE Department of Rutgers University, advised by Dr. Sheng Wei.

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  1. Zhongze Tang, Xianglong Feng, Yi Xie, Huy Phan, Tian Guo, Bo Yuan, Sheng Wei, VVSec: Securing Volumetric Video Streaming via Benign Use of Adversarial Perturbation In ACM Multimedia 2020.



Undergraduate Course

  1. Fall 2020 14:332:231 Digital Logic Design & 14:332:233 Digital Logic Design Laboratory. Recitation, Lab TA and grading.
  2. Fall 2019 14:332:437 Digital Systems Design. Lab TA and grading. 162 students w/ 2 TAs.

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